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Art For a Cause is a working art studio with a mission to make a difference in our world through art.

Art for a Cause produces a unique line of beautiful, quality, hand painted tools for the Home. Kitchen, and Outdoors called CuteTools!®

Each of our tools is lovingly sanded and primed by individuals who have developmental and or intellectual disabilities. Then, the artists hand paint beautiful and custom patterns on each, and then carefully package them in sustainable packaging. Yes, with our custom touch, an ordinary household tool becomes "cute"!

Art For A Cause, we provide a unique community service by engaging students through local school programs and employing adults who may have difficulty securing gainful employment in the typical work environment. At Art For A Cause, they become a valuable part of our family "team". Our employees have an extraordinary work ethic and take immense pride in their work and it shows in our final product. Recognizing this, we turned our partnership into a fundraising source for their schools and organizations. A percentage of the revenue for each CuteTools!® they sand and prime is donated to their school.

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Art For A Cause

Art For A Cause


Hand painted in the USA